Feb. 15th, 2011

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After something like two years, Furtivus finally has a brand new layout! It's nice and fresh and spring-y, and a great change after the last two super dark layouts. I hope everyone reads the layout page because it was a very arduous process that resulted in a layout that I am extremely proud of, so. ;_;

I was using a really archaic coding style at the time, so after painstakingly working on the layout, I had to go through and revise a lot of the code. I also started going through and fixing up the pages, but so far have only finished the Queen of Vanity section because I am lazy and this shrine is a behemoth. In that section, there have been slight wording changes and the like, but overall nothing has changed.

I am planning on adding two or three new pages very soon and will be editing this post once that's been completed. I'm just really burnt out at the moment, lol.

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