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Right, I guess most people are aware of this already... The only reason is still up is because I have it on Cloudflare, ahaha. The domain expired more than a week ago. If you guys could change all your links and whatnot to, I'd really appreciate it. I'll have a more traditional sort of layout up at some point... I've been so busy with other creative endeavors that my design skills have kind of suffered. |D

To-do list:
- Huge Munich update:
      I need to update the information to include stuff on the (very telling) manga special. I'm also now keeping up with the Ouran drama, so I'll have information on that version of Kyoya, as well. Sadly he is not played by Hiro Mizushima. ):
- Furtivus clean-up:
      I still really like the layout, so it's probably not changing, but I need to finish cleaning up all the pages and elaborating on some of the shorter ones, etcetera.
- Prince update:
      Lol there haven't been all that many chapters released since my last update, but I still need to fix up the pages to reflect them. Debating on changing the layout, as well... We'll see how inspired I feel by then.

I still would really like to finish a shrine to Killua from Hunter x Hunter (my second favorite animanga character of all time after Kyoya). After that... I have some other shrines I've started and lost interest in, haha. Bunch of SMT stuff on that I need to finish. It'd be good if I can at least get a shrine out once a year because I still love the idea of shrine-making, even if I've slowed down a lot.
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Another update journal watchers bonus? Just a little list of character shrines that I'm working on. Spring break is looking to be pretty productive, projects-wise, provided I don't get swallowed whole by my PSP jRPG remake addiction. *coughlunarcough*

- OTP shrine is roughly 70% done? It's to a male/male couple, by the way. Scandalous, I know. 8D I doubt I'm the only person that is doing a yaoi shrine for this marathon, though.
- Shrine to a certain character from the Percy Jackson & the Olympians books. I'm really excited about this project and have almost finished the layout.
- Shrine to a certain character from Lunar: Silver Star Harmony. I actually may end up shrining more than one character from this game because the game doesn't get enough love despite the cast being absolutely amazing.
- Shrine to a certain Starry☆Sky character. I'll bet none of you saw this coming. /sarcasm
- My Shishido shrine, lol. YOU KNOW WHAT, I HAD A DREAM ABOUT THIS SHRINE LAST NIGHT. I had a dream that someone on my flist opened a shrine to Shishido and I was like "Well now I can never put mine up" or something. Needless to say, I woke up feeling very confused. I guess I ought to finish it so it stops tormenting me so.

I'm also kind of toying with the idea of doing a Yukino (Kare Kano) shrine and having it sort of overlap with Furtivus. But while I do like Yukino, I don't think I could say nearly as much about her as I did about Arima, so the imbalance would drive me nuts. /ocd about stupid things

If you're in the mood for reading, I've started to compile a bookmark list of my favorite shrines here. So check it out and read a new shrine and/or get inspired! :D So far there's about 50 shrines listed, which is. A lot of reading material, haha. I'm always adding more, too~

That's about it for now, so thanks for watching [ profile] karmacoded! ♥
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I can has update? I actually made this layout back in like ... May. |D Back before my creativity flat out DIED. I have to work on that... This is actually one of those tiny updates that I loathe, but I wanted to show ya'll that I'm making baby steps towards coming back? For those not following my main journal, I kind of got addicted to this MMORPG called Ether Saga Online and it's basically sucked up all of my time, along with various personal issues I've had this summer. But I didn't forget my domain and have been working on it bit by bit.

Plans for the very near future:
- Shion shrine revamp (the network page LIES, lmao. it's not done yet.)
- Locke shrine
- Kyoya shrine revamp
- Hibari shrine's new layout (this should be up pretty soon since it's got no content update)
- various other projects I've been working on

I'm pretty satisfied with my network as it is now, so I won't be making a ton of new shrines anymore, but rather, working on really perfecting the ones I already have up. Probably the only shrine I can't add anything to is Furtivus. |D But the rest, to me, are still works in progress that I want to continue to improve.

I'm going to be turning 20 pretty soon, and the other day I sat and thought about my network for a while, actually. It's kind of amazing that I've been doing this webdesign stuff for so long and my interests still haven't changed.

For those afraid that I had abandoned my domain never to return, never fear! ♥ I would never do that to my baby. I actually just renewed the domain at the beginning of the summer, so Fated will be around for another two years, at the very least. :P Thanks for watching and I hope you like the new layout. ♥ It's only a small hint of what's to come!
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New layout! I had to re-write all the pages. :| I added a shrine bookmarks page where I plug shrines ... It's a work-in-progress so don't think that the page will stay that small forever. I kind of went insane with the Prototip usage since I've had the license to use the script for so long and yet never bothered to do so. |D Most pages have at least one Prototip hidden somewhere, so hover over everything! You never know where one might be lurking.

... well, if you View Source, it's pretty easy to find out, but come on, that takes the fun out of it.

Don't forget to check out the mixtape (on the index where it says START THE MUSIC). It's meant to be background music while you're browsing through my domain. :3

Cause & Effect is my newest shrine, dedicated to my favorite Whistle! character, Fuwa Daichi. I really love this kid. For a while I thought he might overtake Kyoya as my favorite character ever, but that obviously didn't happen. |D

I'm on this sports manga kick lately, so don't be surprised if you see a lot of shrines along that vein over the next couple of weeks.

edit; I've adopted Marauder (Locke Cole, Final Fantasy VI) and Outshined (Frog, Chrono Trigger) from Alex of, so expect those up soonish?
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Uhhh a very minor update.

➠ I closed Fukai Mori, my Chitose (Prince of Tennis) shrine. I didn't really like half the things I wrote. |D If he gets more of a role in the new series, I might re-do this tribute.

➠ I moved Romanesque and Ascension over to Fated. [ profile] omame and I kind of made a joint decision to close and those were the only shrines I'd made that I wanted to keep, so there. I think that Ascension will stay static, but since Oshitari has already made an appearance in the New Prince of Tennis series, I might get to expand on his a bit. ♥


Cause & Effect, a shrine to Fuwa Daichi from Whistle! is my current project. I'm about halfway through with it, so expect it to be finished in the very near future. I guess you could say that he's my obsession of the moment.

➠ I bet you guys thought I'd abandoned Anti-Vainglory, my upcoming-for-the-past-year shrine to Shishido Ryou (Prince of Tennis) but I haven't, okay. ;___; Honest! I just got all burnt out around that time because I'd been doing all these Tenipuri shrines at once, but I think I'll fix it up a bit and then finally finish.

Icarus, my long overdue Black☆Star (Soul Eater) shrine, should also be finished sometime within the next two months or so, depending on how motivated I can get.

On a somewhat related note, chances are very high that I won't make any more tributes to female characters. Somehow the majority of them just really don't appeal to me. Even for the few that do, I find it hard-pressed to write about them. I know I had a few on my projects list at some point, but they've pretty much all been scrapped.

I guess the "male harem" will continue on!
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I've got a gigantic update today. Also be sure you check out the new layout here at [ profile] karmacoded. ♥ It features my favorite three shrines at the top~

First off a new domain layout, finally! That Persona 4 one lasted quite a while, didn't it? ...Actually, there are two new domain layouts. There's a larger, more graphics-intensive one featuring my characters from [ profile] vastlands, first off. It's very wide, so your screen is going to have to be more than 1100px wide if you want to avoid the sidescroll. But it's got lots of stuff to read through, I guess, and it's definitely more ... shiny? XD

The second layout is a one-page, simple layout featuring my beloved Kyoya Ootori. It's teeny, so any resolution should be fine. There's a bit of exclusive info on that layout, too, though, so you really should check out both if you want the full experience. ;DD

I also have a slew of new affiliates, so do be sure you check 'em all out, though a number of them are sadly on hiatus. ):

Most of my friends know about these already but I wanted to wait until the domain layout was up before plugging these, that's why I'm only now updating this journal about these. Both new shrines are pretty text-intensive and have no media. ;x

- A Crow Left of Murder: my new shrine to Rei Kashino of the psychological shoujo manga, MARS. It's very heavy and the organization is a little different than people may be used to, but I thought this would be more effective considering the character, so there you have it.

- Bones: my new shrine to Luke fon Fabre from the game (and now anime) Tales of the Abyss. Very very heavy in the essay department. I figured it was about time Luke had a proper tribute because pretty much every other Abyss character has one. ;__; I've been working on this for months, but finally finished a couple days ago.

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This is only going to be here, so I guess it's a bit of a gift for my update journal watchers~ A list of my current projects for 2009! :D ALL OF THEM. No secrets from you guys this time. ♥ Not in any particular order, just stuff I want to get done at some point soon.


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