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I was doing some spring cleaning around my domain and the following sites were closed:

~ All The King's Men, my shrine to Tsukiyomi Ikuto from Shugo Chara!
~ Misery Business, my shrine/fanlisting to Meroko Yui from Full Moon wo Sagashite
~ Taiyou no Namida, my mini-shrine/fanlisting to Tsunade from Naruto

I sent in the closed forms for the second two because I'm kind of sick of dealing with adoptions and stuff. So right now I only own four fanlistings anymore: Ran, Lambo, Chrissy (, and Rasler (still pending adoption).

I will probably never give up Ran, but Lambo is still open for anyone dedicated who would like him. I'm just not feeling Katekyo Hitman REBORN! these days. I still like the series, but it's not an obsession like it was once upon a time.

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04/02/09 EDIT: Bloomveil, my Judith (Tales of Vesperia) shrine, has officially been adopted out to Ivy! I've given her my old files, but she has free reign over what she wants to do with it. Look forward to it showing up on her network soon. ♥
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Only not. Ahaha.

Honestly, this is not as epic a layout as it may appear. I will be quietly tweaking it over the next week or so because there's a couple things I'm not 100% pleased with (not in the design, but in the pages themselves) but I'm very happy with how the layout itself turned out. I did not re-write as many pages as I normally do for new layouts, but there's some new content here and there if you know where to look.

Also, I know the banner looks like a GameStop ad. So sue me. >: Here are the other important announcements~

Misery Business received a re-vamp today! I gave it a new layout and literally doubled the length of the Izumi/Meroko page, as well as tweaked some of the other pages. Also you may notice that there is now a media section!!! A rather measly media section, BUT IT'S THERE.

All the King's Men is the newest addition to the network, a shrine to Tsukiyomi Ikuto of Shugo Chara! I recently adopted out the fanlisting, but I think that this site shows my love for Ikuto in its place. This does not have a media section. Instead of telling you all that I was distracted by Stephen Colbert, let's just say that the Meroko media section wore me out. :D

☠ I now have a FANLISTING!! I'm kind of in awe at the layout and codes. Actually, make that "really really" in awe at the layout and codes. Anyway, if you're a fan of me (lol), feel free to join up! :D I'm so flattered that [ profile] monami made something so gorgeous just for me.

☠ Currently I'm finishing up a SECRET!! shrine that's about 1/2 done, and then I'm going to be working on two shrines to videogame characters, as well as my long-suffering Shizumasa and Black*Star shrines. will be up very soon. I'm doing a layout for it from Katekyo Hitman REBORN! for the Shounen Series Layout Marathon, so keep an eye out for that. Of course, this means that one of my Renaissance projects will also be done soon, but I wonder which one it is? ;)

☠ If you haven't already noticed, I made this journal into a community because I couldn't be arsed to keep logging in and out of it. Hopefully this makes it easier for everyone to follow, too.

☠ If you didn't already know, I'm adopting out all of my fanlistings here. There's still four of them left, so CHOP CHOP lest someone else snaps them up.

Wow, ok, I hope that's everything. This update feels a lot bigger than it really is. xD I guess that's what I get for being away from design for so long.

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