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This might be the last domain-related update I ever make.

Obviously I'm still working on shrines, I just probably won't do much with the main domain itself anymore. UHHH I brought back my shrines to: Luke, Rei, Fuwa, Shion, and Judith.
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[personal profile] allegory's first shrine of the new year, BLOOMVEIL, which is to the beautiful Judith of Tales of Vesperia. Who, if you haven't noticed, is a GIRL. I know, it's amazing. |D;; The shrine is not as complete as I would like it, but I wanted to open it so I wouldn't sit on it too long. The Karol and Rita pages under relationships need to be finished off, and I want to re-do the costumes page using nicer images from the magazine scans, which weren't available to me when I first started on the shrine. There is no media because ... well, I don't have anything I can scan. :/ If there's ever an artbook or something or I get my hands on some doujinshi, I'll be glad to put media up, but for now there's not much for the game to show off, anyway. This is my first shrine to a videogame character in quite some time, so hopefully I haven't lost my touch just yet.

- Naoto Shirogane (Talk Shows on Mute) and Naoki Konishi (Paradox) from Persona 4
- Fuu Hououji (Kremlin Dusk) from Magic Knight Rayearth
- Rei Kashino (Crow Left of Murder) from MARS
- Naoki Irie (???) from Itazura na Kiss
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Wow, this is my last domain update of the year. Anyway, just wanted to say that I spiffed up the siblings page (added those site buttons) and the just-split-off affiliates page (added blurbs and stuff).

My Judith site is about ... I dunno, 70% done or something. It should be up sometime in the middle of January or earlier. Naoto is also being worked on and should be done around the same time, as well. Lol two sites at once and they're both girls. What is this. Actually there's one secret shrine I started working on the other day that's for a guy. Ohohohoho.

I will be adopting the following fanlistings out: Meroko Yui, Rasler Heios Nabradia, Tsunade, and Lambo. I haven't figured out to whom yet, so if you're interested, just let me know and we can discuss it. I'll be keeping Ran and Chrissy's fanlisting.

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