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This might be the last domain-related update I ever make.

Obviously I'm still working on shrines, I just probably won't do much with the main domain itself anymore. UHHH I brought back my shrines to: Luke, Rei, Fuwa, Shion, and Judith.
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- New domain layout! It's not nearly as girly as the banner would make it seem. Nothing really worth nothing here, I just felt like a change, haha. Oh, there's a little rambly blurb for each of my sites again and you can see a list of my upcoming sites now, too. That network page hurts my head - it's so long! =_= The playlist just has music I listened to as I made the layout.

- Newest shrine on the network, dedicated to Amagi Yukiko from Persona 4. I actually opened this on Halloween, but I wanted to group it with other updates, so here it is. :'D I don't do videogame shrines often at all, so any critique (I mean it, lol) would be very much appreciated so that I can make this shrine the best it can be.

- I updated the links at Prince since Foreign Lullaby changed links and whatnot. I can't wait for the manga to start up again. D:
- Fixed up some stuff at A Crow Left of Murder. Mostly just typos and weird phrasings and stuff. I should stop doing shrines at wee hours in the morning.

- I got a bit of media from the swap over at [Bad username or site: amassment title=Amassment @], so I'll be adding that to Bones and Cause & Effect ASAP. The latter shrine is also going to be updated a bit since more of the manga has been translated and this is relevant to my interests.
- Sloooowly working on my Breakdown revamp. I keep getting caught up in reading the manga instead of working on the site itself, lol. But it's more than half done now. FYI the gallery is here. So go and look since I dunno when the whole revamp will be done. |D
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New layout! I had to re-write all the pages. :| I added a shrine bookmarks page where I plug shrines ... It's a work-in-progress so don't think that the page will stay that small forever. I kind of went insane with the Prototip usage since I've had the license to use the script for so long and yet never bothered to do so. |D Most pages have at least one Prototip hidden somewhere, so hover over everything! You never know where one might be lurking.

... well, if you View Source, it's pretty easy to find out, but come on, that takes the fun out of it.

Don't forget to check out the mixtape (on the index where it says START THE MUSIC). It's meant to be background music while you're browsing through my domain. :3

Cause & Effect is my newest shrine, dedicated to my favorite Whistle! character, Fuwa Daichi. I really love this kid. For a while I thought he might overtake Kyoya as my favorite character ever, but that obviously didn't happen. |D

I'm on this sports manga kick lately, so don't be surprised if you see a lot of shrines along that vein over the next couple of weeks.

edit; I've adopted Marauder (Locke Cole, Final Fantasy VI) and Outshined (Frog, Chrono Trigger) from Alex of, so expect those up soonish?

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