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- has a brand new layout! I left the pages pretty much the same from the last layout, just added or re-arranged a few things here and there. This layout is very watercolory, but what else is new?? Anyway, this layout is just big and dark and seemingly epic, so pretty standard fare for me. NOW WITH KOREAN LYRICS!! I kind of hate some of the CSS style colors, so I might be tweaking the colors for bolded and linked text, idk. Just don't be surprised to see the layout tweaked a bit over the next couple of days--I'm fickle.

- Other than that, there isn't much new stuff. I adopted the fanlisting for Aragaki Shinjiro (Persona 3) from Nao, formerly of (I can't believe it's really gone! ;A;), and am working on a shrine to go with it. The fanlisting part is already up.

- I also noticed that the Adachi Tohru (Persona 4) fanlisting had been closed or something, so I jumped on that, too. I'm also working on a shrine to go with that. What can I say, I just really dislike having standalone fanlistings. I never thought I'd even make them ever again, so having two is already a step up, I suppose.

That's about it for now! I've been working on shrines at a very slow pace so I don't know if any will be done soon, but I hope to have one or two finished by this spring. We'll have to wait and see. :D
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This might be the last domain-related update I ever make.

Obviously I'm still working on shrines, I just probably won't do much with the main domain itself anymore. UHHH I brought back my shrines to: Luke, Rei, Fuwa, Shion, and Judith.
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[personal profile] allegory is now also affiliated with! If I have any friends (ie: we've interacted some on Twitter/Plurk/LJ) that would like to affiliate with me and haven't yet, just speak up. ♥ I'm always up for leveling up our social links! ;D
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- I went and deleted all of my shrines that I didn't absolutely adore. This means all of them but six, haha. I'm sorry if any of you are upset by this. ;; They may not be gone forever. I actually went and moved them to a secret folder somewhere and if I ever get the inclination to revamp them or something, I will have something to work off of.

- I do have some upcoming shrines that I want to work on. UNIVERSITY KEEPS GETTING IN THE WAY but if I can finish them, that'll be great. |D

- I've adopted back the Ikuto fanlisting from [ profile] rewritten and I'm in the middle of trying to make a layout for it, so expect that fairly soonish.

- Fated is now affiliated with! ♥
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- I'm almost two months behind on this but I've added everyone in the Patron queue and removed expired domains and stuff. (except for, which is kind of an honorary member) We had six additions and two removals, putting the memberlist at a nice sixty-five.

- Fated is now link-exchanged with and I find it kind of amusing how I go for weeks and weeks without any domain-related emails, only to get two on the same day. XD♥ Anyway I'm always happy to see new domains pop up, so keep the emails comin'!

- I basically have not touched my domain for months now, which is very out of character for me, I know. I've been experiencing a bit of a dry spell as far as productivity and creativity go, not least because of university coursework. I am working on a shrine for the OTP Marathon over at [ profile] amassment and will do my best to get that finished on time. (unlike my Girl Mode shrine /facepalm) Munich is also entered in the Revamp Marathon and will be restructured for the umpteenth time since the site's inception.

- Also, since Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden and Hunter x Hunter are both off their hiatuses, Prince and my upcoming Killua shrine might be in the spotlight soon. 8) I'm not going to make any domain New Year's Resolutions, but with any luck, you'll hear more from me soon. ♥
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- New domain layout! It's not nearly as girly as the banner would make it seem. Nothing really worth nothing here, I just felt like a change, haha. Oh, there's a little rambly blurb for each of my sites again and you can see a list of my upcoming sites now, too. That network page hurts my head - it's so long! =_= The playlist just has music I listened to as I made the layout.

- Newest shrine on the network, dedicated to Amagi Yukiko from Persona 4. I actually opened this on Halloween, but I wanted to group it with other updates, so here it is. :'D I don't do videogame shrines often at all, so any critique (I mean it, lol) would be very much appreciated so that I can make this shrine the best it can be.

- I updated the links at Prince since Foreign Lullaby changed links and whatnot. I can't wait for the manga to start up again. D:
- Fixed up some stuff at A Crow Left of Murder. Mostly just typos and weird phrasings and stuff. I should stop doing shrines at wee hours in the morning.

- I got a bit of media from the swap over at [Bad username or site: amassment title=Amassment @], so I'll be adding that to Bones and Cause & Effect ASAP. The latter shrine is also going to be updated a bit since more of the manga has been translated and this is relevant to my interests.
- Sloooowly working on my Breakdown revamp. I keep getting caught up in reading the manga instead of working on the site itself, lol. But it's more than half done now. FYI the gallery is here. So go and look since I dunno when the whole revamp will be done. |D
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Well, that's a record. The last layout didn't even last a week. I guess as nifty as the one-page thing looks at first, it's just really not my style. XD; Anyway, this is I think the first layout on my network using images of a real person. If I had another one, it must have sucked because I don't remember it. Have fun poking around~ It's still a fairly simple layout (unless you look at the CSS file). Nothing fancy, but it was fun experimenting with the text. Plus if you ignore the top navigation on the main page, the site could ALMOST pass for a one-page design. |D

It occurred to me that I haven't completed a project since April, so I'm going to have to work on that. Until then, feel free to stare at the very fabulous Jo Kwon. ♥
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I guess I was inspired by [ profile] missdeep? I made like 5 different versions for version 16, each with a different image and with a different baker's dozen of textures. :P Then I decided that everything was getting way too complicated, and so I just made things as simple as possible, though the CSS file is still pretty monstrous just for this.

I basically only listed the sites that I am really proud of. They're even listed in order from MOST PROUD OF to LEAST PROUD OF, lmfao. So you know that if I ever have to revamp them, they'll be revamped in reverse order. |D The rest, while not closed, I guess are kind of in limbo? Either I'm working on them or they're completely static (at least for the time being). I don't really have the heart to close any of the sites I have now, as much as I'd like to have some more quality control, because of all the time I spent on them in the first place.

There are still a number of projects I'm working on right now, muahaha. Lately I keep thinking that my network was too big and this and that, but in the end I just really love making shrines and that's all there is to it. I'll keep making them and subsequently closing them or revamping them as I feel like. Look forward to them! ♥

- Furtivus is now a year old as of October 5th. There's not much more I can do for this site anymore, but I've been working on a new layout for it. :3
- Prince is four years old as of September 29th. I'm looking forward to the series starting up again next year provided that Watase doesn't pull a CLAMP on us. >_>
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I can has update? I actually made this layout back in like ... May. |D Back before my creativity flat out DIED. I have to work on that... This is actually one of those tiny updates that I loathe, but I wanted to show ya'll that I'm making baby steps towards coming back? For those not following my main journal, I kind of got addicted to this MMORPG called Ether Saga Online and it's basically sucked up all of my time, along with various personal issues I've had this summer. But I didn't forget my domain and have been working on it bit by bit.

Plans for the very near future:
- Shion shrine revamp (the network page LIES, lmao. it's not done yet.)
- Locke shrine
- Kyoya shrine revamp
- Hibari shrine's new layout (this should be up pretty soon since it's got no content update)
- various other projects I've been working on

I'm pretty satisfied with my network as it is now, so I won't be making a ton of new shrines anymore, but rather, working on really perfecting the ones I already have up. Probably the only shrine I can't add anything to is Furtivus. |D But the rest, to me, are still works in progress that I want to continue to improve.

I'm going to be turning 20 pretty soon, and the other day I sat and thought about my network for a while, actually. It's kind of amazing that I've been doing this webdesign stuff for so long and my interests still haven't changed.

For those afraid that I had abandoned my domain never to return, never fear! ♥ I would never do that to my baby. I actually just renewed the domain at the beginning of the summer, so Fated will be around for another two years, at the very least. :P Thanks for watching and I hope you like the new layout. ♥ It's only a small hint of what's to come!
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New layout! I had to re-write all the pages. :| I added a shrine bookmarks page where I plug shrines ... It's a work-in-progress so don't think that the page will stay that small forever. I kind of went insane with the Prototip usage since I've had the license to use the script for so long and yet never bothered to do so. |D Most pages have at least one Prototip hidden somewhere, so hover over everything! You never know where one might be lurking.

... well, if you View Source, it's pretty easy to find out, but come on, that takes the fun out of it.

Don't forget to check out the mixtape (on the index where it says START THE MUSIC). It's meant to be background music while you're browsing through my domain. :3

Cause & Effect is my newest shrine, dedicated to my favorite Whistle! character, Fuwa Daichi. I really love this kid. For a while I thought he might overtake Kyoya as my favorite character ever, but that obviously didn't happen. |D

I'm on this sports manga kick lately, so don't be surprised if you see a lot of shrines along that vein over the next couple of weeks.

edit; I've adopted Marauder (Locke Cole, Final Fantasy VI) and Outshined (Frog, Chrono Trigger) from Alex of, so expect those up soonish?
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I've got a gigantic update today. Also be sure you check out the new layout here at [ profile] karmacoded. ♥ It features my favorite three shrines at the top~

First off a new domain layout, finally! That Persona 4 one lasted quite a while, didn't it? ...Actually, there are two new domain layouts. There's a larger, more graphics-intensive one featuring my characters from [ profile] vastlands, first off. It's very wide, so your screen is going to have to be more than 1100px wide if you want to avoid the sidescroll. But it's got lots of stuff to read through, I guess, and it's definitely more ... shiny? XD

The second layout is a one-page, simple layout featuring my beloved Kyoya Ootori. It's teeny, so any resolution should be fine. There's a bit of exclusive info on that layout, too, though, so you really should check out both if you want the full experience. ;DD

I also have a slew of new affiliates, so do be sure you check 'em all out, though a number of them are sadly on hiatus. ):

Most of my friends know about these already but I wanted to wait until the domain layout was up before plugging these, that's why I'm only now updating this journal about these. Both new shrines are pretty text-intensive and have no media. ;x

- A Crow Left of Murder: my new shrine to Rei Kashino of the psychological shoujo manga, MARS. It's very heavy and the organization is a little different than people may be used to, but I thought this would be more effective considering the character, so there you have it.

- Bones: my new shrine to Luke fon Fabre from the game (and now anime) Tales of the Abyss. Very very heavy in the essay department. I figured it was about time Luke had a proper tribute because pretty much every other Abyss character has one. ;__; I've been working on this for months, but finally finished a couple days ago.

under the cut )

drumroll please )
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This an extremely insignificant update, but I've installed Faqtastic on my domain, so if you have any silly questions (or not silly questions!) you'd like to ask me -- how do you come up with layouts, why is the sky blue, WHATEVER -- please direct yourself to the new and improved FAQ.

:D I look forward to answering some questions!
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[personal profile] allegory's first shrine of the new year, BLOOMVEIL, which is to the beautiful Judith of Tales of Vesperia. Who, if you haven't noticed, is a GIRL. I know, it's amazing. |D;; The shrine is not as complete as I would like it, but I wanted to open it so I wouldn't sit on it too long. The Karol and Rita pages under relationships need to be finished off, and I want to re-do the costumes page using nicer images from the magazine scans, which weren't available to me when I first started on the shrine. There is no media because ... well, I don't have anything I can scan. :/ If there's ever an artbook or something or I get my hands on some doujinshi, I'll be glad to put media up, but for now there's not much for the game to show off, anyway. This is my first shrine to a videogame character in quite some time, so hopefully I haven't lost my touch just yet.

- Naoto Shirogane (Talk Shows on Mute) and Naoki Konishi (Paradox) from Persona 4
- Fuu Hououji (Kremlin Dusk) from Magic Knight Rayearth
- Rei Kashino (Crow Left of Murder) from MARS
- Naoki Irie (???) from Itazura na Kiss
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Wow, this is my last domain update of the year. Anyway, just wanted to say that I spiffed up the siblings page (added those site buttons) and the just-split-off affiliates page (added blurbs and stuff).

My Judith site is about ... I dunno, 70% done or something. It should be up sometime in the middle of January or earlier. Naoto is also being worked on and should be done around the same time, as well. Lol two sites at once and they're both girls. What is this. Actually there's one secret shrine I started working on the other day that's for a guy. Ohohohoho.

I will be adopting the following fanlistings out: Meroko Yui, Rasler Heios Nabradia, Tsunade, and Lambo. I haven't figured out to whom yet, so if you're interested, just let me know and we can discuss it. I'll be keeping Ran and Chrissy's fanlisting.


Nov. 9th, 2008 07:48 pm
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I'm just a little annoyed at the state of my domain at the moment, so I'll be taking it down until I can bring it up to where I want it to be. It shouldn't take me more than a week or two at the most, so please be patient until then. ♥ is going to be on hiatus for a week or two while I finish off some of my projects and fix up some of my old sites. Sorry for the trouble!
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Well this isn't quite the epic update I had in mind, but I kind of lost momentum so I'll try and work on the other shrines later this week if I have time.

This is a lot more epic compared to the last layout. I re-wrote a lot of stuff (see the FAQ!) and there's a little soundtrack to go with the layout, too. All in all, a pretty fun update. For some reason the siblings page seemed to take the longest. 0_o Anyway, sorry if any of you were expecting a more ... I dunno, complex layout? I went the simple route this time.

People on my flist have already seen this, but I finished my shrine to Arima Souichirou of Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou fame earlier this morning after weeks upon weeks of work. There is a loooot of information and a fairly decent gallery that I scanned from my character book, so. I think this is the star of my domain right now, haha. Do give it a look see and tell me what you think!
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Only not. Ahaha.

Honestly, this is not as epic a layout as it may appear. I will be quietly tweaking it over the next week or so because there's a couple things I'm not 100% pleased with (not in the design, but in the pages themselves) but I'm very happy with how the layout itself turned out. I did not re-write as many pages as I normally do for new layouts, but there's some new content here and there if you know where to look.

Also, I know the banner looks like a GameStop ad. So sue me. >: Here are the other important announcements~

Misery Business received a re-vamp today! I gave it a new layout and literally doubled the length of the Izumi/Meroko page, as well as tweaked some of the other pages. Also you may notice that there is now a media section!!! A rather measly media section, BUT IT'S THERE.

All the King's Men is the newest addition to the network, a shrine to Tsukiyomi Ikuto of Shugo Chara! I recently adopted out the fanlisting, but I think that this site shows my love for Ikuto in its place. This does not have a media section. Instead of telling you all that I was distracted by Stephen Colbert, let's just say that the Meroko media section wore me out. :D

☠ I now have a FANLISTING!! I'm kind of in awe at the layout and codes. Actually, make that "really really" in awe at the layout and codes. Anyway, if you're a fan of me (lol), feel free to join up! :D I'm so flattered that [ profile] monami made something so gorgeous just for me.

☠ Currently I'm finishing up a SECRET!! shrine that's about 1/2 done, and then I'm going to be working on two shrines to videogame characters, as well as my long-suffering Shizumasa and Black*Star shrines. will be up very soon. I'm doing a layout for it from Katekyo Hitman REBORN! for the Shounen Series Layout Marathon, so keep an eye out for that. Of course, this means that one of my Renaissance projects will also be done soon, but I wonder which one it is? ;)

☠ If you haven't already noticed, I made this journal into a community because I couldn't be arsed to keep logging in and out of it. Hopefully this makes it easier for everyone to follow, too.

☠ If you didn't already know, I'm adopting out all of my fanlistings here. There's still four of them left, so CHOP CHOP lest someone else snaps them up.

Wow, ok, I hope that's everything. This update feels a lot bigger than it really is. xD I guess that's what I get for being away from design for so long.

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