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Right, I guess most people are aware of this already... The only reason is still up is because I have it on Cloudflare, ahaha. The domain expired more than a week ago. If you guys could change all your links and whatnot to, I'd really appreciate it. I'll have a more traditional sort of layout up at some point... I've been so busy with other creative endeavors that my design skills have kind of suffered. |D

To-do list:
- Huge Munich update:
      I need to update the information to include stuff on the (very telling) manga special. I'm also now keeping up with the Ouran drama, so I'll have information on that version of Kyoya, as well. Sadly he is not played by Hiro Mizushima. ):
- Furtivus clean-up:
      I still really like the layout, so it's probably not changing, but I need to finish cleaning up all the pages and elaborating on some of the shorter ones, etcetera.
- Prince update:
      Lol there haven't been all that many chapters released since my last update, but I still need to fix up the pages to reflect them. Debating on changing the layout, as well... We'll see how inspired I feel by then.

I still would really like to finish a shrine to Killua from Hunter x Hunter (my second favorite animanga character of all time after Kyoya). After that... I have some other shrines I've started and lost interest in, haha. Bunch of SMT stuff on that I need to finish. It'd be good if I can at least get a shrine out once a year because I still love the idea of shrine-making, even if I've slowed down a lot.
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After something like two years, Furtivus finally has a brand new layout! It's nice and fresh and spring-y, and a great change after the last two super dark layouts. I hope everyone reads the layout page because it was a very arduous process that resulted in a layout that I am extremely proud of, so. ;_;

I was using a really archaic coding style at the time, so after painstakingly working on the layout, I had to go through and revise a lot of the code. I also started going through and fixing up the pages, but so far have only finished the Queen of Vanity section because I am lazy and this shrine is a behemoth. In that section, there have been slight wording changes and the like, but overall nothing has changed.

I am planning on adding two or three new pages very soon and will be editing this post once that's been completed. I'm just really burnt out at the moment, lol.
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I guess I was inspired by [ profile] missdeep? I made like 5 different versions for version 16, each with a different image and with a different baker's dozen of textures. :P Then I decided that everything was getting way too complicated, and so I just made things as simple as possible, though the CSS file is still pretty monstrous just for this.

I basically only listed the sites that I am really proud of. They're even listed in order from MOST PROUD OF to LEAST PROUD OF, lmfao. So you know that if I ever have to revamp them, they'll be revamped in reverse order. |D The rest, while not closed, I guess are kind of in limbo? Either I'm working on them or they're completely static (at least for the time being). I don't really have the heart to close any of the sites I have now, as much as I'd like to have some more quality control, because of all the time I spent on them in the first place.

There are still a number of projects I'm working on right now, muahaha. Lately I keep thinking that my network was too big and this and that, but in the end I just really love making shrines and that's all there is to it. I'll keep making them and subsequently closing them or revamping them as I feel like. Look forward to them! ♥

- Furtivus is now a year old as of October 5th. There's not much more I can do for this site anymore, but I've been working on a new layout for it. :3
- Prince is four years old as of September 29th. I'm looking forward to the series starting up again next year provided that Watase doesn't pull a CLAMP on us. >_>
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I've got a gigantic update today. Also be sure you check out the new layout here at [ profile] karmacoded. ♥ It features my favorite three shrines at the top~

First off a new domain layout, finally! That Persona 4 one lasted quite a while, didn't it? ...Actually, there are two new domain layouts. There's a larger, more graphics-intensive one featuring my characters from [ profile] vastlands, first off. It's very wide, so your screen is going to have to be more than 1100px wide if you want to avoid the sidescroll. But it's got lots of stuff to read through, I guess, and it's definitely more ... shiny? XD

The second layout is a one-page, simple layout featuring my beloved Kyoya Ootori. It's teeny, so any resolution should be fine. There's a bit of exclusive info on that layout, too, though, so you really should check out both if you want the full experience. ;DD

I also have a slew of new affiliates, so do be sure you check 'em all out, though a number of them are sadly on hiatus. ):

Most of my friends know about these already but I wanted to wait until the domain layout was up before plugging these, that's why I'm only now updating this journal about these. Both new shrines are pretty text-intensive and have no media. ;x

- A Crow Left of Murder: my new shrine to Rei Kashino of the psychological shoujo manga, MARS. It's very heavy and the organization is a little different than people may be used to, but I thought this would be more effective considering the character, so there you have it.

- Bones: my new shrine to Luke fon Fabre from the game (and now anime) Tales of the Abyss. Very very heavy in the essay department. I figured it was about time Luke had a proper tribute because pretty much every other Abyss character has one. ;__; I've been working on this for months, but finally finished a couple days ago.

under the cut )

drumroll please )
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Furtivus has a new layout! It has only been up for a few months, but I didn't like how thin the last layout was. This one's a bit wider, so overall presentation is a little better, and I like the colors, too. Plussssss, Arima looks so hot in this picture, I just had to use it. I was only recently able to find this image in a good resolution. I was tempted to vector it or redraw the parts where Yukino covers him up, but in the end, this is what I settled on.

In other news, Tempest is now affiliated with Quicksand, another Hibari shrine owned by Chrizta. Make sure you give it a visit! :D It's new, but really spiffy. I'll have some nice new shrines up soon. *__* I have a lot of layouts done, so I just have to get my butt into gear working on the content. ♥
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Well this isn't quite the epic update I had in mind, but I kind of lost momentum so I'll try and work on the other shrines later this week if I have time.

This is a lot more epic compared to the last layout. I re-wrote a lot of stuff (see the FAQ!) and there's a little soundtrack to go with the layout, too. All in all, a pretty fun update. For some reason the siblings page seemed to take the longest. 0_o Anyway, sorry if any of you were expecting a more ... I dunno, complex layout? I went the simple route this time.

People on my flist have already seen this, but I finished my shrine to Arima Souichirou of Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou fame earlier this morning after weeks upon weeks of work. There is a loooot of information and a fairly decent gallery that I scanned from my character book, so. I think this is the star of my domain right now, haha. Do give it a look see and tell me what you think!

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