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I haven't finished any new shrines yet, but this is just an update to say that Lonely in Gorgeous has been updated with some 239 (sob I know it's an odd number, believe me, I tried very hard to find just one more unique frame to cap, but to no avail) high quality screencaps from the animated cutscenes, OP, and endings for the game.

So now the media section for that site is 100% complete unless another artbook gets released or something, but since the developers have said that there's not going to be any sort of Persona 4: FES or whatnot, I'm not sure how or why that would happen. I'm going to pretend that manga scans don't count since the manga =/= game canon

There is still a sad lack of P4 and/or SMT shrines on the internet, so I implore you all to try the games and see if there isn't a character you love afterwards. (I don't think it's possible to play an SMT game and not fall madly in platonic love with one of the characters)

I actually have another P4 shrine I'm working on, so. DON'T MAKE ME SHRINE THE ENTIRE MAIN CAST BY MYSELF, YOU GUYS. ;_; I'll plug Eclipse, Duality, and Rising Idol just because I can, kekeke. this is a lot of tl;dr for a seemingly small update. Also I will be updating Patron this weekend, so if you have a correction or something, do get a form sent in!
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Patron has been updated. +4 members were added and 2 applications were denied because their sites weren't working. I have emailed all 6 people who sent in forms.
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- I'm almost two months behind on this but I've added everyone in the Patron queue and removed expired domains and stuff. (except for, which is kind of an honorary member) We had six additions and two removals, putting the memberlist at a nice sixty-five.

- Fated is now link-exchanged with and I find it kind of amusing how I go for weeks and weeks without any domain-related emails, only to get two on the same day. XD♥ Anyway I'm always happy to see new domains pop up, so keep the emails comin'!

- I basically have not touched my domain for months now, which is very out of character for me, I know. I've been experiencing a bit of a dry spell as far as productivity and creativity go, not least because of university coursework. I am working on a shrine for the OTP Marathon over at [ profile] amassment and will do my best to get that finished on time. (unlike my Girl Mode shrine /facepalm) Munich is also entered in the Revamp Marathon and will be restructured for the umpteenth time since the site's inception.

- Also, since Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden and Hunter x Hunter are both off their hiatuses, Prince and my upcoming Killua shrine might be in the spotlight soon. 8) I'm not going to make any domain New Year's Resolutions, but with any luck, you'll hear more from me soon. ♥
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I adopted this from Alisa of since, unfortunately, her domain is closing at the end of this month. :/ Depressing thought, huh? Anyway, this is actually the first new layout I've made since May or so. Pretty impressive, isn't it. XD; It was such an uphill struggle making this, but I managed somehow. Features a statue of Zeus and about 2394724 textures from Hybrid Genesis. XD I already emailed everyone that I could find contact info for, but if you're a member -- please change your link! :3

I couldn't find contact info (or their forms weren't working, etc) for the following:


If you know any of them, please pass on this message. ♥ I also removed like 20 sites that had removed the link or had dead links, so... Just a nice little clean-up, I guess. Do join if you're not a member! :D

Tempest has a new layout that was made by [ profile] onthewing for the [ profile] amassment marathon. Insert the same thing I said about why Chrissy's layout was late being put up here. X_x Geez the marathon ended ages ago, I feel so bad about just now getting the layouts up.


- Saites Shion shrine revamp
- Locke Cole shrine
- ?????? shrine for the female character challenge

... among other things, if I feel like it. There's probably going to be a new domain layout up soonish, too, as soon as I can will my layout muse to get back to work....

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