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I closed my shrines to Oshitari and Hiyoshi from Prince of Tennis because they really didn't meet my personal standard. They're fairly minor characters, after all, so there wasn't much for me to work with. If they get more development in the new series, I may open these shrines up again. I am still planning on making a Shishido shrine, however, because he did get a lot of development in the original series. I will finish that shrine someday... |D

I also closed the Rasler fanlisting because my various attempts at adopting it out were totally unsuccessful after months and months of frustration. My Lambo fanlisting is up for adoption currently. At the end of all this, I will have a grand total of two fanlistings, neither of which will be closed any time soon. c:

Lastly, I went and finally added a few links to the exits page at Munich. A rather miniscule update, but one worth noting, I guess, lol.

Expect a lot of stuff coming up in the next few weeks. I have a lot of plans for site revamps and then, of course, one or two new projects, as well. :33
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Uhhh a very minor update.

➠ I closed Fukai Mori, my Chitose (Prince of Tennis) shrine. I didn't really like half the things I wrote. |D If he gets more of a role in the new series, I might re-do this tribute.

➠ I moved Romanesque and Ascension over to Fated. [ profile] omame and I kind of made a joint decision to close and those were the only shrines I'd made that I wanted to keep, so there. I think that Ascension will stay static, but since Oshitari has already made an appearance in the New Prince of Tennis series, I might get to expand on his a bit. ♥


Cause & Effect, a shrine to Fuwa Daichi from Whistle! is my current project. I'm about halfway through with it, so expect it to be finished in the very near future. I guess you could say that he's my obsession of the moment.

➠ I bet you guys thought I'd abandoned Anti-Vainglory, my upcoming-for-the-past-year shrine to Shishido Ryou (Prince of Tennis) but I haven't, okay. ;___; Honest! I just got all burnt out around that time because I'd been doing all these Tenipuri shrines at once, but I think I'll fix it up a bit and then finally finish.

Icarus, my long overdue Black☆Star (Soul Eater) shrine, should also be finished sometime within the next two months or so, depending on how motivated I can get.

On a somewhat related note, chances are very high that I won't make any more tributes to female characters. Somehow the majority of them just really don't appeal to me. Even for the few that do, I find it hard-pressed to write about them. I know I had a few on my projects list at some point, but they've pretty much all been scrapped.

I guess the "male harem" will continue on!

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