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I adopted this from Alisa of since, unfortunately, her domain is closing at the end of this month. :/ Depressing thought, huh? Anyway, this is actually the first new layout I've made since May or so. Pretty impressive, isn't it. XD; It was such an uphill struggle making this, but I managed somehow. Features a statue of Zeus and about 2394724 textures from Hybrid Genesis. XD I already emailed everyone that I could find contact info for, but if you're a member -- please change your link! :3

I couldn't find contact info (or their forms weren't working, etc) for the following:


If you know any of them, please pass on this message. ♥ I also removed like 20 sites that had removed the link or had dead links, so... Just a nice little clean-up, I guess. Do join if you're not a member! :D

Tempest has a new layout that was made by [ profile] onthewing for the [ profile] amassment marathon. Insert the same thing I said about why Chrissy's layout was late being put up here. X_x Geez the marathon ended ages ago, I feel so bad about just now getting the layouts up.


- Saites Shion shrine revamp
- Locke Cole shrine
- ?????? shrine for the female character challenge

... among other things, if I feel like it. There's probably going to be a new domain layout up soonish, too, as soon as I can will my layout muse to get back to work....
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Furtivus has a new layout! It has only been up for a few months, but I didn't like how thin the last layout was. This one's a bit wider, so overall presentation is a little better, and I like the colors, too. Plussssss, Arima looks so hot in this picture, I just had to use it. I was only recently able to find this image in a good resolution. I was tempted to vector it or redraw the parts where Yukino covers him up, but in the end, this is what I settled on.

In other news, Tempest is now affiliated with Quicksand, another Hibari shrine owned by Chrizta. Make sure you give it a visit! :D It's new, but really spiffy. I'll have some nice new shrines up soon. *__* I have a lot of layouts done, so I just have to get my butt into gear working on the content. ♥

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