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Oh gosh, I've been putting this update off for ages because I've been so sad that the series is over, but at last I've put the finishing touches on Munich and given it a brand new layout as this site quietly goes to sleep. I'm glad I got this done in time for the Shrine Revamp Marathon, haha. My goal at the time the marathon started:

I need to re-organize the shrine so that it focuses a lot more on his personal relationships and various aspects of those. (ie: splitting up the Tamaki page) I also need to update the shrine so that it's up-to-date with the latest chapters. I don't THINK I'll be making a new layout as I rather like the current one, but I might, haha. |D Hopefully this works!

Reorganization? Check.
Splitting up the Tamaki page? Check. (sort of)
Making the shrine up-to-date? Check. ;_;

So it looks like I met my goals. Phew! Here's a breakdown of all the actual changes:
  • I reorganized the shrine so that now there's more than just a "basics" page and an "essays" page. The essays have been split up into two sections and the series page is separated from the rest.
  • I made minor changes to almost all of the character essays (and relationship essays) in light of new plot developments and whatnot.
  • I more than doubled the length of the family page, giving my opinions and descriptions of Kyoya's two older brothers, who only got attention in the last bit of the series. YAY PICTURES!!
  • I added a brand new bit of tl;dr in the way of an essay called subtext, which is basically a very opinionated piece on why I think Kyoya is gay or, at the very least, isn't in love with the heroine, Haruhi.
  • Lastly, there's a new layout, though it features "old" material. I kept a liiiiiittle bit of the coding Chrissy did for the last layout, haha, and I think it's really obvious what I kept. I'm not sure that I'm in love with this layout or anything, but I wanted something simple that put the text front and center, so this is what I decided on.
This really feels like the end of an era now that Munich is complete, since it was one of my very first shrines. ;___; I will miss keeping up with it, as well as with Ouran, and I hope you all enjoy Munich because it's not changing much from here on out!

Date: 2010-12-14 01:38 am (UTC)
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HELLO. Odd to say that "Code corrupted. Insert fresh copy." is showing up at the bottom of all your pages. O___o But yay!! Gosh I'm sooo gonna lose I am never gonna finish anything this year. It looks good :D


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