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Oh wow, three of my shrines were nominated for the fansite pageant awards this year! Furtivus was nominated for Favorite Animanga Character, Lonely in Gorgeous was nominated for Favorite Videogame Character and Favorite Fansite for Media, and Munich was nominated for Favorite Fansite for Presentation/Layout! <O>w<O>!! I'm super flattered by this. You don't have to vote for my sites, of course, since there are so many great ones nominated, but do try and vote if you have time. :3

I'm very slowly working on two shrines right now, but they WILL get done. Leeching lots of inspiration from the folks over at [ profile] remixers. 8) that was a not-so-subtle plug, by the way As many of you might know, I'm currently working on making my own visual novels as well as working for Winter Wolves as a writer, so I just really don't have a lot of time for fansites right now because writing for my own projects drains so much out of me. @_@ But I am steadily working on my shrines when I can, so I hope you can see some stuff out of me in 2012. If the world doesn't end.
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Right, I guess most people are aware of this already... The only reason is still up is because I have it on Cloudflare, ahaha. The domain expired more than a week ago. If you guys could change all your links and whatnot to, I'd really appreciate it. I'll have a more traditional sort of layout up at some point... I've been so busy with other creative endeavors that my design skills have kind of suffered. |D

To-do list:
- Huge Munich update:
      I need to update the information to include stuff on the (very telling) manga special. I'm also now keeping up with the Ouran drama, so I'll have information on that version of Kyoya, as well. Sadly he is not played by Hiro Mizushima. ):
- Furtivus clean-up:
      I still really like the layout, so it's probably not changing, but I need to finish cleaning up all the pages and elaborating on some of the shorter ones, etcetera.
- Prince update:
      Lol there haven't been all that many chapters released since my last update, but I still need to fix up the pages to reflect them. Debating on changing the layout, as well... We'll see how inspired I feel by then.

I still would really like to finish a shrine to Killua from Hunter x Hunter (my second favorite animanga character of all time after Kyoya). After that... I have some other shrines I've started and lost interest in, haha. Bunch of SMT stuff on that I need to finish. It'd be good if I can at least get a shrine out once a year because I still love the idea of shrine-making, even if I've slowed down a lot.
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After something like two years, Furtivus finally has a brand new layout! It's nice and fresh and spring-y, and a great change after the last two super dark layouts. I hope everyone reads the layout page because it was a very arduous process that resulted in a layout that I am extremely proud of, so. ;_;

I was using a really archaic coding style at the time, so after painstakingly working on the layout, I had to go through and revise a lot of the code. I also started going through and fixing up the pages, but so far have only finished the Queen of Vanity section because I am lazy and this shrine is a behemoth. In that section, there have been slight wording changes and the like, but overall nothing has changed.

I am planning on adding two or three new pages very soon and will be editing this post once that's been completed. I'm just really burnt out at the moment, lol.
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- has a brand new layout! I left the pages pretty much the same from the last layout, just added or re-arranged a few things here and there. This layout is very watercolory, but what else is new?? Anyway, this layout is just big and dark and seemingly epic, so pretty standard fare for me. NOW WITH KOREAN LYRICS!! I kind of hate some of the CSS style colors, so I might be tweaking the colors for bolded and linked text, idk. Just don't be surprised to see the layout tweaked a bit over the next couple of days--I'm fickle.

- Other than that, there isn't much new stuff. I adopted the fanlisting for Aragaki Shinjiro (Persona 3) from Nao, formerly of (I can't believe it's really gone! ;A;), and am working on a shrine to go with it. The fanlisting part is already up.

- I also noticed that the Adachi Tohru (Persona 4) fanlisting had been closed or something, so I jumped on that, too. I'm also working on a shrine to go with that. What can I say, I just really dislike having standalone fanlistings. I never thought I'd even make them ever again, so having two is already a step up, I suppose.

That's about it for now! I've been working on shrines at a very slow pace so I don't know if any will be done soon, but I hope to have one or two finished by this spring. We'll have to wait and see. :D
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Oh gosh, I've been putting this update off for ages because I've been so sad that the series is over, but at last I've put the finishing touches on Munich and given it a brand new layout as this site quietly goes to sleep. I'm glad I got this done in time for the Shrine Revamp Marathon, haha. My goal at the time the marathon started:

I need to re-organize the shrine so that it focuses a lot more on his personal relationships and various aspects of those. (ie: splitting up the Tamaki page) I also need to update the shrine so that it's up-to-date with the latest chapters. I don't THINK I'll be making a new layout as I rather like the current one, but I might, haha. |D Hopefully this works!

Reorganization? Check.
Splitting up the Tamaki page? Check. (sort of)
Making the shrine up-to-date? Check. ;_;

So it looks like I met my goals. Phew! Here's a breakdown of all the actual changes:
  • I reorganized the shrine so that now there's more than just a "basics" page and an "essays" page. The essays have been split up into two sections and the series page is separated from the rest.
  • I made minor changes to almost all of the character essays (and relationship essays) in light of new plot developments and whatnot.
  • I more than doubled the length of the family page, giving my opinions and descriptions of Kyoya's two older brothers, who only got attention in the last bit of the series. YAY PICTURES!!
  • I added a brand new bit of tl;dr in the way of an essay called subtext, which is basically a very opinionated piece on why I think Kyoya is gay or, at the very least, isn't in love with the heroine, Haruhi.
  • Lastly, there's a new layout, though it features "old" material. I kept a liiiiiittle bit of the coding Chrissy did for the last layout, haha, and I think it's really obvious what I kept. I'm not sure that I'm in love with this layout or anything, but I wanted something simple that put the text front and center, so this is what I decided on.
This really feels like the end of an era now that Munich is complete, since it was one of my very first shrines. ;___; I will miss keeping up with it, as well as with Ouran, and I hope you all enjoy Munich because it's not changing much from here on out!
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Just posting to say that I have a shiny domain Twitter here:

This will also house updates for, which I registered yesterday~ It's just a little domain where all of my Shin Megami Tensei shrines will be. I just started another New Game+ in Persona 4 and beat Persona 3 Portable, so I've been really SMT-crazy as of late. (even more than usual, I mean)

Still deciding whether I want it to be completely separate from Fated (ie: not listing the shrines under Trafuri on Fated) or just to have it sort of ... there... Kinda leaning towards the latter. I just really like the name, hurr hurr.

Formal updates will still be posted to this LJ community, but that Twitter will be used like, as I'm working on projects and stuff. So it's just a fun way for my visitors to see exactly what I'm working on, haha. I integrated it with the domain index page, too.
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I haven't finished any new shrines yet, but this is just an update to say that Lonely in Gorgeous has been updated with some 239 (sob I know it's an odd number, believe me, I tried very hard to find just one more unique frame to cap, but to no avail) high quality screencaps from the animated cutscenes, OP, and endings for the game.

So now the media section for that site is 100% complete unless another artbook gets released or something, but since the developers have said that there's not going to be any sort of Persona 4: FES or whatnot, I'm not sure how or why that would happen. I'm going to pretend that manga scans don't count since the manga =/= game canon

There is still a sad lack of P4 and/or SMT shrines on the internet, so I implore you all to try the games and see if there isn't a character you love afterwards. (I don't think it's possible to play an SMT game and not fall madly in platonic love with one of the characters)

I actually have another P4 shrine I'm working on, so. DON'T MAKE ME SHRINE THE ENTIRE MAIN CAST BY MYSELF, YOU GUYS. ;_; I'll plug Eclipse, Duality, and Rising Idol just because I can, kekeke. this is a lot of tl;dr for a seemingly small update. Also I will be updating Patron this weekend, so if you have a correction or something, do get a form sent in!
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This might be the last domain-related update I ever make.

Obviously I'm still working on shrines, I just probably won't do much with the main domain itself anymore. UHHH I brought back my shrines to: Luke, Rei, Fuwa, Shion, and Judith.
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OH LOOK A NEW DOMAIN LAYOUT. It basically looks the best on a Mac, but oh well. :’D I am really satisfied with it and there is lots of new stuff for people to read, so have at it. I kind of started alt-tabbing like crazy so my dad wouldn’t see me working on this (lol) towards the end, so if there are any mistakes or typos or errors, etc., just give me a poke.

I also updated Patron a few days ago so if you don’t see your site up there or whatever, it means I missed your email or something, so just re-submit or let me know.

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Patron has been updated. +4 members were added and 2 applications were denied because their sites weren't working. I have emailed all 6 people who sent in forms.
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I have completely overhauled my personal site, which still doesn't really have a name or much of a purpose, but there we are. :D Happy reading?
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I have officially finished my OTP shrine to Shinozaki Junichi and Fujioka Tatsuya from the manga series Complex by Manda Ringo. It was for this marathon at [ profile] amassment, but I didn't finish on time (it was due on the 14th) and yeah. I was so close to finished that I wanted to go ahead and complete the whole thing since I do feel very strongly about this pairing, so here it is. I've never done a couple dedication before so any comments and criticism would be very much appreciated. But it's finally done! ♥

There was this recent discussion at [ profile] amassment about scrolling vs. clicking (ie: content page length/word count) and I decided to go ahead and do a word count of my active shrines just to see how much I wrote, after all. |D The results were somewhat surprising. I took word counts of essay pages only and didn't include h1's and footers, but did include quotes/blockquotes.

Longest Page: 1,440 words
Shortest Page: 172 words
Total Word Count: 12,110 words
Average Page Length: 504 words

Longest Page: 770 words
Shortest Page: 341 words
Total Word Count: 6,376 words
Average Page Length: 490 words

Longest Page: 1,015 words (lol bias)
Shortest Page: 224 words
Total Word Count: 5,615 words
Average Page Length: 432 words

Longest Page: 653 words
Shortest Page: 176 words
Total Word Count: 4,812 words
Average Page Length: 401 words

Longest Page: 1,259 words
Shortest Page: 804 words (lol bias)
Total Word Count: 6,390 words
Average Page Length: 1,065 words
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Another update journal watchers bonus? Just a little list of character shrines that I'm working on. Spring break is looking to be pretty productive, projects-wise, provided I don't get swallowed whole by my PSP jRPG remake addiction. *coughlunarcough*

- OTP shrine is roughly 70% done? It's to a male/male couple, by the way. Scandalous, I know. 8D I doubt I'm the only person that is doing a yaoi shrine for this marathon, though.
- Shrine to a certain character from the Percy Jackson & the Olympians books. I'm really excited about this project and have almost finished the layout.
- Shrine to a certain character from Lunar: Silver Star Harmony. I actually may end up shrining more than one character from this game because the game doesn't get enough love despite the cast being absolutely amazing.
- Shrine to a certain Starry☆Sky character. I'll bet none of you saw this coming. /sarcasm
- My Shishido shrine, lol. YOU KNOW WHAT, I HAD A DREAM ABOUT THIS SHRINE LAST NIGHT. I had a dream that someone on my flist opened a shrine to Shishido and I was like "Well now I can never put mine up" or something. Needless to say, I woke up feeling very confused. I guess I ought to finish it so it stops tormenting me so.

I'm also kind of toying with the idea of doing a Yukino (Kare Kano) shrine and having it sort of overlap with Furtivus. But while I do like Yukino, I don't think I could say nearly as much about her as I did about Arima, so the imbalance would drive me nuts. /ocd about stupid things

If you're in the mood for reading, I've started to compile a bookmark list of my favorite shrines here. So check it out and read a new shrine and/or get inspired! :D So far there's about 50 shrines listed, which is. A lot of reading material, haha. I'm always adding more, too~

That's about it for now, so thanks for watching [ profile] karmacoded! ♥
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ZOMG AN AFFILIATE. Prince is now affiliated with Red Warrior, a great new Tamahome shrine. :D I've expanded affiliation for this site to all Fushigi Yuugi-related sites, not just Genbu Kaiden ones, so if you have a site that fits the bill, feel free to poke me. ♥ At this point, I'd be pretty happy to affiliate Furtivus with any sites dedicated to male characters from shoujo series, too. |D I'M GETTING LONELY IN OLDSCHOOL MANGA-LAND.

EDIT (3/4/10): Lonely in Gorgeous is now affiliated with Eclipse!
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[personal profile] allegory is now also affiliated with! If I have any friends (ie: we've interacted some on Twitter/Plurk/LJ) that would like to affiliate with me and haven't yet, just speak up. ♥ I'm always up for leveling up our social links! ;D
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- I went and deleted all of my shrines that I didn't absolutely adore. This means all of them but six, haha. I'm sorry if any of you are upset by this. ;; They may not be gone forever. I actually went and moved them to a secret folder somewhere and if I ever get the inclination to revamp them or something, I will have something to work off of.

- I do have some upcoming shrines that I want to work on. UNIVERSITY KEEPS GETTING IN THE WAY but if I can finish them, that'll be great. |D

- I've adopted back the Ikuto fanlisting from [ profile] rewritten and I'm in the middle of trying to make a layout for it, so expect that fairly soonish.

- Fated is now affiliated with! ♥
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- I'm almost two months behind on this but I've added everyone in the Patron queue and removed expired domains and stuff. (except for, which is kind of an honorary member) We had six additions and two removals, putting the memberlist at a nice sixty-five.

- Fated is now link-exchanged with and I find it kind of amusing how I go for weeks and weeks without any domain-related emails, only to get two on the same day. XD♥ Anyway I'm always happy to see new domains pop up, so keep the emails comin'!

- I basically have not touched my domain for months now, which is very out of character for me, I know. I've been experiencing a bit of a dry spell as far as productivity and creativity go, not least because of university coursework. I am working on a shrine for the OTP Marathon over at [ profile] amassment and will do my best to get that finished on time. (unlike my Girl Mode shrine /facepalm) Munich is also entered in the Revamp Marathon and will be restructured for the umpteenth time since the site's inception.

- Also, since Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden and Hunter x Hunter are both off their hiatuses, Prince and my upcoming Killua shrine might be in the spotlight soon. 8) I'm not going to make any domain New Year's Resolutions, but with any luck, you'll hear more from me soon. ♥
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This is kind of a silly small update, but Tin Tower was finally completed just a couple minutes ago. It's sort of just a list site? I've been really addicted to the VirtualDex Project as of late, so I made a site where I could list what pokemon I'd caught and evolved on there, etc. There's also a little blog on there so I can talk about what I've been doing in regards to VDex. Yes, I know that GreyMatter is really insecure and stuff but really - if anyone bothers hacking my pokemon site, they have some serious issues. Plus, only the blog is GM-powered.

It's probably not interesting to anybody that isn't also a member of that community, but you can at least browse through and see how ridiculously obsessed I am? XD
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- New domain layout! It's not nearly as girly as the banner would make it seem. Nothing really worth nothing here, I just felt like a change, haha. Oh, there's a little rambly blurb for each of my sites again and you can see a list of my upcoming sites now, too. That network page hurts my head - it's so long! =_= The playlist just has music I listened to as I made the layout.

- Newest shrine on the network, dedicated to Amagi Yukiko from Persona 4. I actually opened this on Halloween, but I wanted to group it with other updates, so here it is. :'D I don't do videogame shrines often at all, so any critique (I mean it, lol) would be very much appreciated so that I can make this shrine the best it can be.

- I updated the links at Prince since Foreign Lullaby changed links and whatnot. I can't wait for the manga to start up again. D:
- Fixed up some stuff at A Crow Left of Murder. Mostly just typos and weird phrasings and stuff. I should stop doing shrines at wee hours in the morning.

- I got a bit of media from the swap over at [Bad username or site: amassment title=Amassment @], so I'll be adding that to Bones and Cause & Effect ASAP. The latter shrine is also going to be updated a bit since more of the manga has been translated and this is relevant to my interests.
- Sloooowly working on my Breakdown revamp. I keep getting caught up in reading the manga instead of working on the site itself, lol. But it's more than half done now. FYI the gallery is here. So go and look since I dunno when the whole revamp will be done. |D
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Well, that's a record. The last layout didn't even last a week. I guess as nifty as the one-page thing looks at first, it's just really not my style. XD; Anyway, this is I think the first layout on my network using images of a real person. If I had another one, it must have sucked because I don't remember it. Have fun poking around~ It's still a fairly simple layout (unless you look at the CSS file). Nothing fancy, but it was fun experimenting with the text. Plus if you ignore the top navigation on the main page, the site could ALMOST pass for a one-page design. |D

It occurred to me that I haven't completed a project since April, so I'm going to have to work on that. Until then, feel free to stare at the very fabulous Jo Kwon. ♥

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