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Uhhh a very minor update.

➠ I closed Fukai Mori, my Chitose (Prince of Tennis) shrine. I didn't really like half the things I wrote. |D If he gets more of a role in the new series, I might re-do this tribute.

➠ I moved Romanesque and Ascension over to Fated. [ profile] omame and I kind of made a joint decision to close and those were the only shrines I'd made that I wanted to keep, so there. I think that Ascension will stay static, but since Oshitari has already made an appearance in the New Prince of Tennis series, I might get to expand on his a bit. ♥


Cause & Effect, a shrine to Fuwa Daichi from Whistle! is my current project. I'm about halfway through with it, so expect it to be finished in the very near future. I guess you could say that he's my obsession of the moment.

➠ I bet you guys thought I'd abandoned Anti-Vainglory, my upcoming-for-the-past-year shrine to Shishido Ryou (Prince of Tennis) but I haven't, okay. ;___; Honest! I just got all burnt out around that time because I'd been doing all these Tenipuri shrines at once, but I think I'll fix it up a bit and then finally finish.

Icarus, my long overdue Black☆Star (Soul Eater) shrine, should also be finished sometime within the next two months or so, depending on how motivated I can get.

On a somewhat related note, chances are very high that I won't make any more tributes to female characters. Somehow the majority of them just really don't appeal to me. Even for the few that do, I find it hard-pressed to write about them. I know I had a few on my projects list at some point, but they've pretty much all been scrapped.

I guess the "male harem" will continue on!

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